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Our Solutions

One platform, your control, allows many solutions.

Park Bench Solutions Inc is a next generation software and services company. We have built our focus around "tying solution services together" and integrating them into the world-wide leading hosted voice provider, BroadSoft™ and the BroadWorks application platform.

Our extensive knowledge around Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS), Platform-as-a-Servicce (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service allows Service Providers to extend their capabilities by taking advantage of our core products, along with our professional services and development expertise.

Our approach is always to:


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Our Platform, ODiN, 'Organizes Development & Integrates Networks' together, and can connect easily into any Service Providers existing infrastructure to serve as a growth engine to fulfill BroadWorks management, integration, automation, and provisioning.

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ODiN Portal

One Amazing experience:

  • ANY Device
  • ANY Browser
  • ANY Operating System
ODiN Provisioning

Simplified "cradle-to-grave" provisioning:

  • Less provisioning steps save time
  • Clean, Quick navigation at every step of the way
  • Bulk Provisioning of Users, Devices, Numbers
ODiN Wholesale

One platform, multiple wholesale instances:

  • Add Multiple Wholesaler instances on the fly
  • Create unique product offerings for each
  • Full creative branding made easy

Simplified development:

  • REST APIs vs. BW-OCI complexity
  • Scalable development made simple!