ODiN API is a RESTful interface already used by ODiN Portal, ODiN Provisioning and other modern applications to interact with BroadWorks Open Client Interface-Provisioning (OCI-P) in the most efficient and economical way. By leveraging this powerful ODiN API, getting information in and out of BroadWorks can be done quickly and with ease. With ODiN API, anyone can build their own feature-rich portal, provisioning system, or create web-based microservices to perform any task the business requires.


ODiN API simplifies development. Instead of using numerous versions and a constantly changing BroadWorks Open Client Interface-Provisioning (OCI-P) directly, your systems can contact ODiN API instead to better future-proof your application integrations. ODiN API handles the BroadWorks OCI-P version control for you, therefore redevelopment becomes a thing of the past.

Any event or action can trigger ODiN API and a published Webhook to your endpoint that allows other applications to unlock, consume and interact with the data inside BroadWorks.

For example, when a user is created, ODiN API sends a ‘user create’ webhook to the defined endpoint which contains information about that event. Your endpoint can then use that data to perform business logic, such as setting up a voicemail server, pulling billing information, setting up real-time SMS alerts, or even track granular point-in-time recoverability.

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