ODiN Provisioning is an advanced module simplifying the cradle-to-grave provisioning process by allowing BULK actions for Users, Devices, Services & Features, and much more.

    Service Provider / Enterprise

    ODiN provides a single interface for building a Service Provider or an Enterprise to save valuable time and avoid using multiple wizards.


    Quickly add one or multiple Groups, along with BULK services, features, devices, numbers, and admins with only a few clicks.


    Whether a single user or hundreds, ODiN BULK provisioning is completed in seconds instead of hours or days. Create users in BULK with numbers, devices, MAC Addresses, service packs, and more with ease.

    Bundled Services & Features

    Packing up user features into bundles like BW-Service Packs saves time. With ODiN Provisioning, save even more time by bundling Services Packs, Group Services, User Features together and assigning them all in a single click.

    Devices & Numbers

    Adding one or multiple devices individually is the norm, but why not provision these in BULK? Whether it’s the device type, phone number, MAC Address or Line/Port information, ODiN has you covered.

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