Our unique Platform, ODiN, can connect easily into any existing Solution Provider’s infrastructure to serve as a growth engine to fulfill BroadWorks management, integration, automation, and provisioning.

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ODiN Portal was developed with the BroadWorks hierarchy in mind, allowing for full management at all levels:

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    User Portal

    the best customer 'user' experience for broadworks yet!

    We believe the end customer user experience is absolutely critical and the key asset to attract and retain a strong customer base for BroadSoft-based Telecom Service Providers. From the very beginning, we built ODiN with exactly this in mind to offer the most modernized experience around the BroadSoft™ BroadWorks platform to date.

    Built on the latest responsive technology, customers can now enjoy the same experience across any device, browser, and operating system without having to download anything!

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    Group IT Admin

    now has simplified control and peace of mind.

    For many years, typically managing a phone system has been a tremendous headache. No longer is this the case with our ODiN Group IT Admin portal. Group IT Admin's now have the controls they have been looking for, and simplified! Telecom Service Providers can now offer the controls to a customer Group IT Admin without having to worry about the typical access authority.

    Just like the user level of access, we kept this in mind when building out the Group IT Admin Portal. IT Admins like control, but more importantly they typically do not like to have to call their Telecom Service Provider for Moves, Adds, and Changes.

    ODiN's Group IT Admin Portal allows self-service & management of numerous group services such as Auto Attendants, Audio files, Hunt Groups, Schedules, and much more.

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    Service Provider / Enterprise Access

    organized access for multiple locations

    Managing an entire Enterprise across multiple locations has never been an easy task, until now. ODiN's Service Provider / Enterprise access has organized and simplified full management of all the Group & Users services and features.

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    System Provisioning Access

    offer the best support by managing and viewing what your customers see

    So many times, System Provisioning access is given but it's never an exact replica of exactly what the customer screens are when it comes to support.

    ODiN's overlay to BroadWorks allows support teams to offer the best support when it comes to moves, adds, and changes (MACs) by allowing the support team to see what exactly the end Service Provider, Enterprise, Group or User is experiencing.